$30 Bonus from InstaForex Broker

InstaForex announced last Friday that it has started a new promotional campaign for the new and old customers, offering free $30 to the newly open trading accounts. That so called «$30 Welcome Bonus» can be given to anyone who opens a new account — both old and new customers are allowed to open an account to participate in this campaign. The bonus can be received only once in 3 month by every trader. Of course, it’s not a huge bonus, specially for those traders that have thousands in their accounts, but it’s a nice gesture that will allow many new traders to try real trading, without risking their own deposit. InstaForex didn’t provide any start or end dates for this promotion (it will be active for the indefinite period of time). But I suggest you to get the advantage from it as soon as possible, so that you could use it sooner again in 3 months.
If you want more information about InstaForex broker, you can read its InstaForex on my site. You can also go ahead and open a trading account with InstaForex now.

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