The Day Trade Forex System

If you are still searching for the right Forex trading strategy, then you’ll probably like the free ebook that I added to my site today: The Day Trade Forex System by Erol Bortucene and Cynthia Macy. The strategy, which is offered in this book, is for intraday usage and won’t probably fit the more long-term trading style. The strategy is an indicator-based one: moving averages, Bollinger bands, parabolic SAR, MACD histogram, RSI and stochastic are the components of this system. All the necessary conditions for the entry/exits and other market situations are described with the provided examples. Trading in trends, breakouts and swings is also explained. All examples given in this book are made on the Visual Trading platform from CMS Forex broker. The book itself also promotes this broker, but that doesn’t really matter if all you want is to learn a new potentially profitable day trading system.

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