WH SelfInvest — ECN Forex Broker from Luxembourg

WH SelfInvest is an old financial broker which based in Luxembourg and which can boast quite a long on-line presence in the financial trading markets (from 1999). It started to offer the Forex trading services on-line in 2005. WH SelfInvest provides its own custom standalone program for trading and also offers a web-based platform that can be ran from the browser. Trading through ECN is also available, but the spreads are low even without the ECN execution. ECN trading isn’t free and the commission is charged for each trade. This broker offers Forex, CFD, futures, options and stocks trading services. The accounts start with €2,500 (or equivalent in pounds, dollars or francs) and require a quarterly fee of €39. No demo accounts are available at WH SelfInvest. Deposits and withdrawals are available only through the wire transfer and cash.
An interesting thing about their website is the section where they are explaining why the European broker is better than the one from U.S. or Switzerland. An enjoyable read, I must say.

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