Two New Categories — Oil and Gold Trading Brokers

I added two new Forex broker categories to the site today — Forex brokers with gold trading and Forex brokers with oil trading. Recently I’ve noticed that many traders seek opportunity to trade on something other than plain old currency pairs. Apart from being able to trade currencies they usually also want to have an opportunity to trade oil or gold from time to time when there are some good fundamental conditions for such trades. These two new categories should help traders to find those Forex brokers that fit their oil/gold trading needs, while they will still be able to choose only those brokers that support their favorite payment method and trading platform.
By the way, I failed to find any Forex broker with oil trading that wouldn’t offer gold trading, though it’s not true for vice versa (not all gold trading brokers support oil trading). So, if you see an oil trading broker you can be almost 100% sure that it also has GOLD among its trading symbols. And almost all gold trading brokers feature not only gold but also silver and sometimes platinum, while more advanced brokers offer all possible precious (and sometimes not only precious) metals.

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