Blogging About Forex for 3 Years

Today is the 3rd anniversary of the EarnForex blog. 3 years ago I’ve made my first post (which was less than anything meaningful) to this blog. Many posts have been made since then and I hope that the quality of the content has also improved since 2006. The process of blogging about something as commercial as Forex is far from trivial. Keeping the reader’s interest is one thing, but being useful to the traders that risk their own money is completely another. I hope that my blog is still both interesting and useful to the readers, and Forex traders of all categories find something here that makes them return again and again. In the near future I plan to start posting more materials that are related to the actual Forex trading — most probably it will be some sort graphical chart analysis. So, stay tuned for some new interesting content :-).

If you have any specific requests regarding what you want or don’t want to see in this blog, please, reply using the form below.

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