Some Interesting Chart Patterns as of May 31st 2009

I’d like to share 5 interesting chart patterns that I’ve spotted on the market recently and some of them I currently use in my trading. I won’t give any recommendations regarding their usage here, but if you are familiar with pattern trading then you’ll know how to interpret these images. You can click on any image for a much better and clear picture. Use them on your own risk.
1. EUR/USD, Weekly, 2 Falling Wedges:

2. EUR/JPY, Daily, Ascending Wedge (Triangle):

3. GBP/JPY, Daily, Ascending Triangle:

4. USD/CHF, Daily, Falling Wedge:

5. NZD/JPY, Daily, Ascending Triangle:

If you have any questions or comments regarding these chart patterns, please, feel free to reply below.

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