Finance Minister Halts Canadian Dollar Rally

The Canadian dollar, which has been gaining heavily versus several most traded currencies, finally stopped its rally after the national Finance Minister affirmed that eventual measures may be taken to damp the rising demand for the loonie, which is already jeopardizing Canadian exports.
The Canadian currency was one of the best performing ones since the world started to post more solid signs of economic recovery last month, creating a bullish pattern for high-yielding currencies fueled by a new wave of risk appetite. The current rise of the loonie, may already affect Canadian exporters negatively, since the national currency rose intensively, more than its Australian and New Zealand counterparts for example. Yesterday, Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty stated that the rapid rise of the national currency is already a reason of concern, and measures may be taken to halt its continuation, affecting immediately the Canadian dollar, which dropped from a 10-month high level.
Analysts examine the loonie’s short term situation as an obstacle for Canada to grow, since a high loonie will affect Canadian’s exports and consequently different sectors of the economy. The Bank of Canada may indeed intervene in the currency market, being Flaherty’s declaration already an effective psychological measure that pushed the dollar down for the first time in a almost a week.
USD/CAD traded at 1.0763 as of 10:21 GMT from yesterday’s rate of 1.0681.

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