Paid or Free Forex Signals?

On-line services of paid and free Forex signals have became very popular recently. I even had to create a separate Forex signals subforum on the forums for the free signal providers. My trading style leaves no place for using the Forex signals but many traders are fond of using them and even manage to profit from the free ones. Although it’s said that trading by the signals is not a real trading but is a long-term road to nowhere in the world of Forex, the trader’s talent can be applied with signals too. A trader that uses Forex signals can choose the signal provider, choose what signals to ignore, decide the size of the positions and choose Forex broker to trade with. Of course, the problems of using the Forex signals remain: what will happen when your provider stops issuing signals? What will happen when they change analysts and the signals stop working? How will you follow signals that are released during your absence? Etc.

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