Yen Trading Higher as Stocks Tumble

The Japanese currency ranked among the best performers in currency markets after several days of losses as stocks declined worldwide, attracting traders to the safety provided by yen-priced assets, and favoring also safer bets in financial markets globally.
The South Korean won was one of the biggest losers versus the yen after climbing sharply due to a report showing a significant quarterly growth for the Asian emergent nation, in a movement that can be understood as a correction by traders. One of the biggest winners today, but still losing against the Japanese currency was the Australian dollar, that benefited from side effects of a Chinese official statement suggesting that industrial production is growing massively in the country, which is good for the South Pacific nation since Australia is a major provider of commodities to China. The Swedish krona also lost significantly versus the yen as the country is still suffering from central bank statements last week that affirmed that interest rates will remain low until next year.
Most analysts concord that financial markets are having a moment of correction this week after stocks and higher-yielding currencies touched the highest levels in 2009 last week. Even if this Tuesday is producing rather negative numbers, most of traders are still expecting gains in riskier assets towards the end of the year.
EUR/JPY traded at 136.47 as of 14:00 GMT from a previous rate of 138.49 in the intraday. GBP/JPY traded near stability at 150.35.

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