CCI Arrows Indicator in MT5

The latest addition to the newly converted MT5 indicators is CCI Arrows, which was added to my site in its MT4 version on April 19 this year. The conversion from MQL4 to MQL5 was rather easy this time with the main difference being that the iCCI() function can only return an indicator handle in MT5, opposed to MT4, where it’s able to return actual CCI value at a given shift. Had to call the new iCCI() for a handle and then extract the values to the buffer with the CopyBuffer() function, but the resulting code is much better and, probably, faster. Other improvements of the new MT5 version of CCI Arrows:

  • Indicator description visible in platform
  • Less indicator buffers involved
  • Code garbage removed
  • Bold arrows (yay!)
  • You can get the code of MT5 version or read more CCI Arrows about the indicator.

    If you find some bugs in this MT5 indicator or want to make a suggestion regarding its functionality or what should be my next MT4->MT5 conversion, please, use the commentary form below.

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