Forex Expert Advisor on Customizable Moving Average Cross

Today I’ve finished the tests of both versions of my new MetaTrader expert advisor and uploaded it to the site. It’s called Adjustable MA and is available for MT4 and MT5. It allows a rather deep customization of the moving averages and other parameters of the EA. It’s a rather basic expert advisor that trades on a cross between two moving averages. The interesting part is that you can modify many parameters, making it quite a useful tool for the Forex geeks.
The back-test of this wasn’t very interesting. I’ve optimized it in the MetaTrader strategy tester to find the best parameters, but the back-tests aren’t very reliable for this kind of expert advisors. You can see the balance graph of the 1-year test here (the test was conducted on EUR/USD M5 chart):

I also forward-tested this EA for several days and found that it works fine with more logical parameters and with other currency pairs too.
You can also view the complete testing report. Go directly to Adjustable MA page to download this EA or get more information about it. If you don’t like Adjustable MA, you can check other MetaTrader expert advisors.

If you have any questions or some interesting thoughts regarding Adjustable MA expert advisor, please, feel free to reply using the form below.

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