Short-Term Pullbacks of the Long-Term Trends — New Strategy

The new Forex trading strategy that was added to my site today is the Combined Stochastic Oscillator/MA strategy, which is based on of the Forex videos that I’ve seen recently. The basic principle of this this strategy is rather simple. You have a long-term trend confirmed with the triple moving averages (exponential) and you have a short term overbought/oversold situation, confirmed with the stochastic oscillator. The good about this strategy is that it’s based on the standard indicators that are present in all decent Forex platforms and that the double confirmation makes the trades safer. While the bad about it is that you have to monitor two charts for each currency pair and wait for the long-term trends to enter the rather short-term trades. The strategy can be used with any currency pair on D1 and H1 timeframes.

If you have suggestion or questions regarding Combined Stochastic Oscillator/MA strategy, please, feel free to write them using the form below.

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