Forex Trader’s Bills of Rights

The problem of choosing the Forex broker, determining what properties of a broker are important and deciding what’s rightful for a trader to demand from his broker is widely discussed online. There are 5 articles on this topic published on

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  • Additionally, I’ve posted a poll what to look for when choosing a Forex broker more than two years ago.
    But only today I’ve found out about The Forex Trader’s Bills of Rights — a guide to the ideal Forex broker’s characteristics, which was written by Oanda back in 2005. It’s available in form of an e-book from their site and it’s really worth reading. Despite the fact that it was written by one of the biggest Forex brokers, this guide to Forex traders’ rights can be a real helper in your search for the best Forex company.
    The Forex Trader’s Bills of Rights
    I really recommend reading the free copy that’s available on the Oanda’s website. It’s quite short and won’t take much of your time. Some of its points are debatable (especially if you have experience trading with ECN brokers), but others are very appealing (the part about the overnight interest, for example).

    If you have any comments or thoughts regarding what should be a part of the indispensable rights of the Forex traders, please feel free to reply using the form below.

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