US Dollar Gains Against Euro in Forex Trading

US dollar is heading higher against the euro in Forex trading right now, gaining as concerns about Spain and Greece come into sharper focus. Greenback is also higher against the Canadian dollar and other commodity currencies as oil prices and gold prices drop. UK pound, though, is gaining against the US dollar, as is the Japanese yen.

US dollar is turning in a mixed performance today, gaining against the euro and many commodity currencies as Forex traders look for safe haven against the volatility brought on by troubles continuing in Greece and Spain. In Greece, difficulties about forming a government, and the future of the austerity measures agreed to for the bailout, are causing uncertainty. In Spain, the financial sector continues to struggle, and doubts remain about Spain’s ability to repay its debts. All of this is weighing on risk appetite and the euro, as well as keeping commodities down and prompting the greenback to gain against the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar.
However, there are other currencies gaining against the dollar. Great Britain pound is showing some strength, and the Japanese yen is higher as risk appetite grows. Concerns are that a higher pound will hurt the British economy, while Japanese leaders fret about the economic impact of a higher yen.
At 12:30 GMT EUR/USD is down to 1.2856 from the open at 1.2901. GBP/USD is up to 1.6077 from the open at 1.6066. USD/JPY is lower at 79.8045, down from the open at 79.9900. USD/CAD is up to 1.0052 from the open at 1.0002. AUD/USD is down to 0.9974 from the open at 1.0014.

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