MetaQuotes Updates Rules for ATC 2012

With less than a month left until the opening of registration for the 6th Automated Trading Championship, its host, MetaQuotes, announces some interesting changes — both to the rules of this Forex trading contest and some technical conditions for the expert advisors.
First, the maximum amount of simultaneously open pending orders is increased from 12 to 100 for all symbols. That is a great news for the participants employing some sort of grid strategy.
Second, the maximum allowed total volume of the open position and the pending orders for one trading symbol is now 15 lots in one direction, not disregarding the direction like it was before.
Lastly, the ATC participants will now be able to control how many bars are present on their charts using a special configuration file. This will allow traders to reduce the amount of bars and thus of required calculation, resulting in faster EA execution.
Looks like MetaQuotes is making the trading conditions more loyal to contestants. I was quite happy to hear about these changes. And what is your opinion?

If you have some comments or questions regarding the upcoming Automated Trading Championship 2012 and these updates to its rules and trading conditions, please feel free to reply using the form below.

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