EUR/USD Breaks 1.26 Level, Traders Running from Euro

The euro fell below the 1.26 level against the US dollar, reaching lowest level since July 2010. That level was considered to provide strong support to the shared 17-nation currency and, now that the support line is broken, traders are afraid that the currency would spiral down to even lower price.
The members of the European Union are meeting at summit today, but most analysts and traders are pessimistic about the outcome of the meeting. Germany still rejects the implementation of eurobonds even as other countries, including France, support the idea. Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, claimed that the European financial crisis will be discussed at tonight’s meeting in Brussels only “at the very end”.
The Bundesbank stated that a Greek exit “would be significant but manageable within the help of cautious crisis management”. Indeed, some experts say that both the eurozone and Greece would be better if the indebted country will leave the currency union. Others argue that an exit of any country would create a precedent, which may lead to quick dissolution of the euro-area.
EUR/USD sank from 1.2686 to 1.2562 as of 16:48 GMT today. Earlier, some technical analysts claimed that the currency pair should bounce after reaching the 1.26 level, but now it does not look likely. The daily minimum was 1.2544 — the lowest since July 13, 2010. EUR/JPY slid from 101.39 to 99.67, reaching 99.52 intraday — the low not seen since February 1.

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