US Dollar Mixed in Forex Trading

US dollar is mixed in Forex trading, with markets somewhat choppy today. Greenback is once again higher than an embattled euro, but the US dollar is lower against commodity currencies. It looks to be an interesting day on the Forex market, even though US markets are closed for the Memorial Day holiday.

US dollar is turning in a mixed performance today, thanks to some of the unique situations at play right now. Greenback is higher against the euro, thanks to continued concerns about what is happening in the eurozone. Last week, Spain had to bailout banking giant Bankia, and there is still wrangling over the idea of eurobonds. No one seems to have a solution to the eurozone problem, and that is weighing on the euro.
However, US dollar is down against commodity currencies like the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar. With gold and oil prices higher, commodity currencies are getting something of a boost right now. Even the Great Britain pound has turned higher against the US dollar, indicating that there might be some risk appetite in the markets after all. Dollar index is lower overall, in spite of the greenback’s strength against the euro.
At 14:39 GMT the dollar index is down to 82.241 from the open at 82.146. EUR/USD is down to 1.2535 from the open at 1.2578. GBP/USD is up to 1.5695 from the open at 1.5693. USD/CAD is down to 1.0258 from the open at 1.0266. AUD/USD is up to 0.9839 from the open at 0.9816.

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