Why Did You Start Trading Forex?

There are many reasons to involve yourself in Forex trading. The biggest one is probably the promise of huge earnings advertised by brokers. Indeed, the potential offered by the currency market is nearly limitless. One could call such a reason for trading ridiculous as the potential for profit in gambling is very high too. Moreover, money in an online casino can be won (and lost) even faster than in Forex. However, the potential of the FX market is combined with one important factor that is absent in gambling — the ability to earn based on your expertise, skills and knowledge of the current market situation.
I personally, decided to give Forex a try simply because the idea of earning money using my wits and knowledge of the currencies and the international financial system. I will not deny that the actual fun that accompanies a newbie’s interaction with the market and the promise of riches did play a role in my early motivation, but still, the first and the strongest reason was definitely in the market’s nature. And what were your reasons to try Forex trading?

Why did you start trading Forex?

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