Euro Had Decent Trading Week, Terrible Month

The euro had rather decent week, falling initially but rescued by the weekend by poor data from the United States. The monthly performance, on the other hand, was nothing but disastrous for the currency.
The euro was rather soft for the most part of the week, mainly due to speculations about stimulus from the European Central Bank, but managed to bounce by the end of the week with help of poor macroeconomic reports from the USA, which hurt the dollar. The US currency was resilient initially but buckled later under the pressure from bad news.
The Great Britain pound was very weak, allowing the euro to gain on the British currency over the week, even though the sterling bounced at the last trading session.
The monthly performance of the euro was nothing short of disaster. The currency fell 1.0 percent against the pound, 1.7 percent versus the dollar and as much as 2.1 percent against the yen over the month.
EUR/USD closed at 1.3630 by the weekend, close to the opening of 1.3622. EUR/JPY also ended the week flat, opening at 138.82 and closing at 138.75. EUR/GBP advanced from 0.8085 to 0.8131 over the week.

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