UK Pound Trades Mixed Against Other Major Currencies

UK pound is trading mixed today as the focus shifts away from the sterling and attention is given to other currencies and their situations.

UK pound had its time when the latest minutes from the Bank of England were released, showing that two members of the Monetary Policy Committee are concerned about leaving rates low. Sterling also got a boost yesterday from a surprisingly dovish statement from the US Federal Reserve.
Additionally, improved economic data has been providing support for the UK pound. However, the focus is shifting away from the sterling now. Better data in the United States is now making headlines, and in Europe everyone is waiting to see what happens with the Greek drama.
As a result, the UK pound has given up some of the gains it made earlier this week. Sterling is trading mixed as Forex traders make their decisions based on factors beyond the United Kingdom and instead focus on what’s happening in other economies and with other currencies.
At 12:24 GMT EUR/GBP is lower, dropping to 0.7135 from the open at 0.7155 on the uncertainty about what’s next for Greece. GBP/USD is down, falling to 1.5849 from the open at 1.5880. GBP/JPY is also lower, falling to 195.2480 from the open at 195.2650.

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