New Calculator — Celebrating EarnForex Blog’s 10th Anniversary

Today is a special day for EarnForex Blog — it turns ten. My first post here was not something readers could use to help them trade better. This time, to celebrate the blog’s 10 years of service, I offer a gift to everyone — a new online calculator: Percentage Gain/Loss and Recovery.
It is a small tool that simplifies the calculations of percentage gain and loss values based on the size of your past and current funds. It will also display the percent of the new balance that separates you from the breakeven point. The feature might be useful when you are trying to compute an optimal risk per position because the more you lose per trade the bigger has to be your further wins (in percentage points) to compensate the losses.
Percentage Gain/Loss and Recovery
If you have any problems using this calculator or if you believe that it can be improved somehow, you either contact me or post here, in commentaries.
I hope you enjoy it! I am also happy to know that this blog has been helping traders for 10 years already and that it will continue working as a valuable source of FX trading information for everyone.
If you have any requests or suggestions regarding what you would like to be seeing in this blog, please post here using the form below.

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