Pound Feels Weight of Brexit Fears

The Great Britain pound continued to feel the weight of Brexit fears. While the currency was attempting to hold its ground on Monday, it looks like the sterling has buckled under the pressure, falling during Tuesday’s early trading.
Polls show increasing desire among Britons to leave the European Union. The Orlando shooting did not help the matter as there are plenty of people in the United Kingdom that blame immigrants for their problems, and the threat of terrorism just adds to fears and xenophobia. With the referendum closing, things becoming to heat up, and the sterling is suffering from that.
The pound is not the only currency to suffer from concerns about the Brexit. Other European currencies are also under attack from sellers as Britain leaving the EU would likely hurt other economies of the Union.
GBP/USD dropped from 1.4263 to 1.4211 as of 1:10 GMT today. GBP/JPY declined from 151.54 to 150.70. EUR/GBP opened at 0.7933, dropped to 0.7880 intraday but rebounded to 0.7946 as of now.

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