Pound Rebounds After Attack on Pro-EU Lawmaker

The Great Britain rose today following the attack on the pro-EU lawmaker that resulted in speculations about possible rise of “Bremain” votes.
British Member of Parliament Jo Cox, a vocal supporter of Britain staying in the European Union, was shot dead yesterday. The tragic event resulted in speculations that emotional response will push some Britons to the “Remain” camp in the voting for the future of the United Kingdom. The EU referendum campaigns were suspended after the news. There are even rumors that the referendum itself is going to be postponed.
The theme of Britain and its place in the European Union will likely drive markets for some while. Volatility will persist (especially for the sterling) until the issue will be resolved one way or the other.
GBP/USD gained from 1.4201 to 1.4264 as of 00:47 GMT today. GBP/JPY was up 1% from 148.04 to 149.32. EUR/GBP edged down from 0.7902 to 0.7889.

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