Pound Jumps More than 1% Against Dollar & Yen

The Great Britain pound continued to soar against other most-traded currencies, particularly safer ones like the US dollar and the Japanese yen, as prospects for the Brexit had waned significantly.
Last week’s deadly attack on the pro-EU lawmaker caused a serious shift in the Britons’ sentiment, and now prospects for Britain leaving the European Union look slim. It is not impossible, but polls show that the “remain” votes rose to 72% as of now. This made traders feel bolder, encouraging them to buy riskier assets while selling safer ones (like the dollar, the yen, and gold).
GBP/USD rallied 1.3% from 1.4470 to 1.4657 as of 8:55 GMT today. GBP/JPY climbed as much as 1.2% from 151.36 to 153.19.

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