Psychoactive Drugs in Forex Trading? Poll

Disclaimer: I would like to warn the readers that administering drugs is a potentially harmful activity. You should not take any drugs unless prescribed by a licensed physical. Also, does not endorse using any drugs or other illegal substances as a method of improving one’s performance.
My July post about Forex and nutrition has a brief mention of using mild stimulants (such as caffeine and nicotine) and depressants (such as alcohol) in relation to their effect on trading. The main idea is to weigh the positive effects of these substances against their adverse effects (both the short-term and long-term ones).
While drinking tea, coffee, or caffeine-containing soda before a trading session is widespread among foreign exchange traders, I am not so sure about serious drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or alcohol. At the same time, popular culture portrays financial trading industry as something inseparable from the abundant narcotics abuse. On the other hand, it looks improbable that speculators could execute trades without errors, let alone analyze the charts properly while under influence.

That’s why I decided to launch this poll in order to find out more about FX traders’ preferences for mind altering substances. My own habits are limited to just some tea or coffee for heightened perception before diving into the charts. I do drink alcohol, but I avoid trading when affected (in fact, I avoid doing anything related to trading at all when even slightly drunk). And what is your addiction when it comes to Forex trading?

What psychoactive substances do you use in Forex trading?

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If you want to share some more details about how you are altering your brain activity and nervous system to improve your trading performance, please feel free to do so using the commentary form below.

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