Spread Display and Take-Profit Multiplier in Position Size Calculator

It is time to roll out a new version of the Position Size Calculator indicator. Although the new release does not implement any breakthrough changes it introduces some useful features and fixes one annoying bug.
Take-profit button multiplier (set via input parameter) can be used to multiply SL value when setting up TP using the button:

Spread display can now be turned on and observed in the caption of the panel (near the title):

Additional funds can now be set via input parameter. They will be added to the account balance or equity. When a non-zero value is set, an asterisk near the account size display is signaling that the value has been adjusted:

New input parameters can be used to set default values in chart templates: commission, order comment, take-profit multiplier, show spread, additional funds. This can be useful when using PSC with the same settings in multiple charts:

Previously, if you somehow reduced the vertical chart space so that the panel no longer fits, the panel would be moved beyond the upper border of the screen. Now, it will snap back down and you will still be able to operate it:

If you prefer not to use MetaTrader, you can opt for the web version of the position size calculator. Despite being very different from the MetaTrader version, it will let you calculate position size easily.
If you have any suggestions or wish to report a bug for this MetaTrader indicator, please use the commentary form below.

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