Cryptocurrency Market’s Heavy Losses; Ripple (XRP) Price Slump

Cryptocurrency & Ripple News and Talking Points

Cryptocurrency market a sea of red as sellers take control.

– Ripple slides through support with ease.

Cryptocurrency Market Hit by a Wave of Selling

A warning that future sales to the cryptocurrency mining community from GPU giant Nvidia has seemingly sparked a heavy sell-off in the market with double-digit losses common across the sector. While Nvidia said that demand for GPUs was stronger-than-expected in the first quarter, the company warned that sales to the crypto market will likely fall by around two-thirds in the current reporting period. The sell-off has caused the sector’s market capitalization to fall by $40 billion to just under $400 billion.

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Ripple Continues to Fall – More Losses on the Horizon?

The third-largest cryptocurrency my market size, Ripple, continues to give back most of its April rally as support levels fail to hold.XRP is already under downside pressure on worries that the SEC may classify the token as a security, a situation that would further adoption of XRP by other exchanges unlikely. The April 25 swing low at $0.75 provided little support while on the four-hour chart the token currently trades below all its daily moving averages, another negative set-up. A gap on the April 12 candle around $0.60 is the next likely level of support.

We have also noted in the past that a heavy sell-off in Ripple may become self-fulfilling due to retail positioning.

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Ripple (XRP) Price Chart in US Dollars(March 28 – May 11, 2018)

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— Written by Nick Cawley, Analyst.

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