Bad Fundamentals — Good for USD?

While dollar continued to rebound its weak positions today after EUR/USD failing to break 1.4180 resistance, fundamental stats from United States again came out below expectations. And again this caused a dollar rally against the Euro currency. ISM report on business activity for September 2007 showed a decrease by 1% — from 55.8% to 54.8% — well below the pessimistic expectation of 55.0%. After this report dollar went high to its weekly minimum at 1.4130 and now continues to gain strength.
One fundamental news that helped dollar and wasn’t negative is the increase of the commercial crude oil inventories by 1.2 million barrels last week. This is logical, since when commodity prices are decreasing, currency gain value. As to the reaction on ISM services index — bad fundamental data now scare stock market investors away, thus making them to cash out into dollars (giving it more demand).

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