Street Smarts — a Book About Short-Term Forex Strategies

A new Forex strategy e-book now can be downloaded from my site — this time it’s about many (really a lot) powerful short term strategies and the basic rules of trading Forex using such strategies. It even has a chapter on Wolfe Waves — one of my best trading method for Forex charts. But don’t expect to spend 20–30 minutes to read some strategy from this e-books and begin earning millions in a few days. This is a big book with highly interconnected information that will help you a lot in your strategy building as a whole book, not separate chapters. Be prepared for some long but very interesting and educating reading:
Street Smarts — High Probability Short Term Strategies — by Laurence A. Connors and Linda Bradford Raschke.
Update: This book was removed from my site by request of the one of the authors.

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