eToro — Forex Innovation

Making something new in world of the retail on-line Forex services is a great job, hardly accomplished by Forex brokers today. eToro is a new kind of broker that brings innovative ideas to Forex trading via Internet. Aiming on the novice traders (like some other brokers — Pip Forex and Marketiva) it offers a very simple, yet interesting approach to buy and sell currencies. eToro developed its unique platform with 3 different types of trading — Dollar Trend, Globe Trader and Forex Match; none of them being like they are on Metatrader or any other platform:

  • Dollar Trend — trader chooses a trend direction and watches the dollar rise or fall against a set of currencies. Almost the same as buying and selling the DXY.
  • Globe Trader — two different currencies (countries) a chosen on the map and the currency pair behavior is literally seen on that map. More like a common Forex trading.
  • Forex Match — more traditional currency pair selling and buying with all the stop-losses and take profits.
  • They offer visualization and easy-to-understand scheme that even a 10 year old child can understand, making Forex accessible for the vast majority of the Internet audience. The only problem with this extremely newbie-friendly platform is that it hardly can satisfy professionals’ demand; adding Metatrader 4 choice would certainly benefit eToro.

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