Low Producer Prices Inflation Helps Dollar

After Bureau of Labor Statistics reported its statistical data for October Producer Price Index (which indirectly affects Consumer Price Index with a time lag) today, U.S. dollar began reclaiming some of its strength against major currencies. Most notably — against Euro which grew significantly against all majors today. After PPI report dollar went back from past 1.4700 levels to 1.4670 levels. PPI increased by 0.1% — lower than pessimistic forecast value of 0.3%, that was after September 1.1% growth. Core PPI didn’t change at all.
October Retail Sales came out at the expected level of growth, increasing by 0.2%, while September numbers were revised from 0.6% to 0.7% increase. The same situation was observed with September Business Inventories report — growth by 0.4% and previous month number revised from 0.1% to 0.3% increase.
Good PPI increases the chances for interest rates cut by Fed. But today Richard Fisher (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President) spoke about the Fed’s vision of U.S. economy growth as strong and inflation risks as a more important factor. Perhaps, lower producer prices inflation caused more demand for U.S. dollar basing on its increased buying ability.

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