Pessimistic Indicators from U.S.

U.S. dollar looks unsure whether to fall or to rise on the Forex market after some important macroeconomic indicators were released today. One of the most important data came out from the University of Michigan and Reuters — Michigan Sentiments Index, which represents consumer confidence. Consumer confidence is important, because it will determine future consumer spendings that in their turn fuel the U.S. economy growth.

Michigan Sentiments Index in November was 76.1; it fell by 4.8 points compared to its October value of 80.9. But according to over-pessimistic expectations (that were at 75.0), Michigan index did quite well this month. Of course, objectively it didn’t.
Initial jobless claims for the previous week were released today by the U.S. Department of Labor. They fell right into the market forecast value of 330k, lower than last week’s 341k (revised from 339k).
Leading market indicators are considered to be weak in their influence on markets behavior, but nevertheless their value for the October reflects current U.S. economical situation — decrease by 0.5%, below 0.3% expected drop and, of course, worse than 0.3% growth in September.
And with the U.S. commercial crude oil inventories another falling week, oil can be expected to see new record highs in the next days. Crude oil inventories decreased by 1.1 million barrels last week, following the 2.8 growth on previous week. High oil prices may hit dollar on Forex, pushing to the new bottoms.

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