Pattern Recognition Master for Japanese Candlesticks

The Japanese candlesticks is a nice tool of trading for any chart-trader. Some Forex traders prefer to trade on the bare charts without adding any indicators. The candlestick patterns are used as the entry and exit symbols in many cases. But it’s not an easy task to constantly recognize those Shooting Stars, various Dojis, Hammers, etc. Pattern Recognition Master is a nice tool to help the chart-traders to automatically recognize candlestick patterns, leaving the traders only with the choices of the actual trading. You can download this MetaTrader indicator from my site for free. It was created by Jason Robinson, Carl Sanders and Hartono Setiono.
When you attach it to your MT4 chart each candle that represents some candlestick pattern will be marked with the symbol. A legend for the symbols is located in the top left corner of the chart and you can easily find out which patter is represented by the specific symbol. Now, all you have to do is to buy after the strong bullish patterns and sell on the strong bearish patterns.

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