A View on the Forex Market Back in 1998

An interesting e-book was written back in 1998 by Sam Y. Cross of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York — All About the Foreign Exchange Market in the United States. In the focus of this e-book is the U. S. Forex market in its common understanding — not the macroeconomic currency indicators. This e-book was written in the pre-euro era, so it contains some archaisms — such as French franc and Deutsche Mark. The research presented in this book would be interesting not only to Forex traders (who can get a lot of useful facts from it) but also to everyone, who is interested in the currency trading market, because it is a part of its history. 10 years ago, the on-line Forex market as it’s currently known to millions of traders, has been only starting to develop and it’s amazing to read about the market’s history and understand what a way the Forex market has came until now. This e-book is now available for a All About the Foreign Exchange Market in the United States from my site.

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