FXcast Announces New Type of Forex Traders Competetion — FXcast Trader’s Hall of Fame

FXcast announced a new type of the Forex trader’s competition today — the Hall of Fame type of competition. You don’t need to open some special account for it or pay for entering the competition. The contest is judged upon the monthly performance of your real trade account. The performance is denominated in the percentage to your monthly starting account and will only include your actual trading results. This way you can win the real prizes using even your starting $10 real Forex account.
The prizes are quite nice for a free monthly competition. The first prize is $3,000, while the second is $1,500 and the third one is $500. The prizes are paid to the traders accounts, but are not withdrawable. Of course, they can be used to trade and the earned profit can be withdrawn by the trader. The prize money will be deducted from the trader’s balance after a month being in his trading capital.
The first month of the contest is scheduled to start on the 1st of December 2008. So, don’t miss your chance and register your account before that time. You can read the description of this contest model on the official FXcast website. You can also read more about FXcast Forex broker.

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