Apex FX Trading — MT4 Forex Broker from Jordan

Finding a Forex broker with a nice and smoothly working website is becoming a difficult task for me. I thought that the website problems is only a feature of the new (1-2 years old) Forex brokers. But Apex FX Trading dissolved my delusions. It’s Forex broker that is working on-line since 2001 and it stills offers some parody instead of the website to its clients. Apex FX Trading is a Jordan-based Forex broker with the MetaTrader platform and is aimed on the Muslim traders, offering no overnight interest or swaps on the trading accounts. It has a rather high minimum account size ($2,000) and above-the-average spreads (starting from 3 pips on EUR/USD). The only way to fund your trading account at Apex FX Trading is wire transfer, the same is true for withdrawing the funds. Except for the poorly designed site this broker has also many complaints in other Forex-related communities. But staying in business for more than 7 years should probably weigh more than those complaints.

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