Thai Baht Declines on Political and Civil Crisis

The Thai baht continued its decline against the U.S. dollar today and touched its lowest level in the last 21 months as the political protests and the civil unrest raged through the country.
The political turmoil in the country is caused by the demands of the opposition and the military leaders for the current Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat to resign. He still rejects these demands despite the fact that the opposition has already captured the two country’s most important airports.
Analysts don’t see anything positive for the baht for as long as the situation in the country remains at such a dangerous level. And there are no signs that it will end soon, causing the baht to depreciate further.
The Thailand’s baht falls under the double pressure — the currencies of the Asian region fall because of the recession in the developed countries and the foreign capital outflow and also because of the current political crisis, which doesn’t add optimism to the investors and the currency traders.
USD/THB rose from 35.26 to 35.32 as of 10:00 GMT today after reaching as high as 35.51 during the early trading session — a level not seen since February 2007.

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