Chinese Yuan Depreciates to July’s Levels

The Chinese yuan fell to the weakest level since August today as the country’s government continued to manipulate its currency before the scheduled meeting with the U. S. Treasury Secretary.
The reference rate, set by the People’s Bank of China, allows 0.5 percent deviation in the either side during the daily yuan trading session. Today the rate was set to the lowest level since August 2008 and the daily trading led the currency below that level as the traders expected further depreciation.
China’s economic growth is declining; it reached the lowest rate since 2003 as the government tried to decrease the inflation with the strong yuan in the first half of this year. Financial crisis brought another stress factor for the Chinese export-orientated economy — developed countries decreased their demand for the China-produced goods, pressing on the production growth in the country.
According to many analysts the yuan will continue its decline, directed by the People’s Bank of China, as the currency rate manipulation is seen as one of the most effective method to stimulate growth.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson will try to convince the Chinese officials to tolerate more freedom for the yuan’s rate during the meeting on December 4th and 5th. U. S. President-elect Barack Obama also called for a stronger and more loose yuan control. Despite the pressure from the United States, it’s unlikely that China will refrain from using its currency as an economy’s growth locomotive.
USD/CNY reference rate was set to 6.8505 today and currency pair rose from 6.8330 to 6.8802 as of 9:06 GMT today, reaching the daily high at 6.8830.

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