MT4 Indicators Update

I have updated the MT4 indicators section of the site. Each indicator now gets a separate page with the detailed description of the indicator, the explanation for each of its input parameters, the screenshot of the with the attached indicator, and the basic trading system that can be used with this indicator. They can also be downloaded in both .mq4 and .zip files from those pages. I hope this will help a lot of Forex traders who were unable to use those indicators previously. Here is the list of all 15 indicators that are currently presented on the site:

  • Aroon Up & Down
  • Beginner
  • BMA
  • Float
  • Laguerre
  • Murrey Math Line X
  • Pattern Recognition Master
  • Support and Resistance
  • Trade Assistant
  • Traders Dynamic Index
  • TRO MultiPair
  • TzPivots
  • Var Mov Avg

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