Point and Figure Patterns E-Book

The latest trading e-book that was uploaded to the site today is Core Point and Figure Chart Patterns, which lists some interesting patterns that can be analysed on the point-and-figure charts. Point-and-figure charting is a special way to represent the market data, where the chart bars don’t depend on time but are the function of the price fluctuations. This e-book doesn’t explain much about plotting the chart or understanding the basics of point-and-figure charting, so I can’t recommend it to those traders that aren’t familiar with the concept. But experienced point-and-figure chartists will find it useful, especially if they are looking to get the deeper understanding of the core patterns of such charts. You can proceed and download this book now:

  • Core Point and Figure Chart Patterns
  • You can also read more about point-and-figure charting in our guide.
    If you have any questions or comments on trading with the point-and-figure charts, please feel free to reply in the comments below.

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