Polish Zloty Down as Rally May Halt Economic Growth

The Polish currency, which was climbing systematically during the previous two months as signs of economic recovery attracted traders to this emergent European Union economy, had a sharp decline this week as the current currency rates may affect the economic recovery in the nation.
Poland’s economy was the best performer among the 10 eastern European union members in the first quart of this year, after the national government cut taxes to stimulate the economy the zloty climbed 14 percent versus the euro, a rally which is raising concerns about the future conditions of the Polish economy. Today the zloty had the sharpest fall in two months, leading a day of declines in the currency market for eastern European countries, as pessimism brought investors back to safer markets.
EUR/PLN closed today in Warsaw at 4.1736, from an opening price of 4.1215, making the zloty to slide more than 1.5 percent.

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