What Leverage Do You Use?

A high leverage is one of the best things of the modern retail Forex trading and it allows making the thousands of dollars on some cent moves in EUR/USD currency pair, even if you have only $10,000 in your trading account. But on the other hand, that high leverage is the reason of the extremely high losses of the inexperienced Forex traders. The margin leverage is a multiplier that plays for you when you win and plays against you when you lose. With a big enough trading account it’s advised not to use the leverage at all, but the vast majority of Forex traders requires a leverage to make some money and they often seek the broker with a highest leverage possible. Personally, I prefer usual 1:100 leverage, which gives a lot of… you know, “leverage”, and makes the risk/reward calculations quite easy. And how about you?

What Margin Leverage Do You Usually Use in Forex Trading?

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