Will the Dollar Rebound This Week?

The U.S. currency lost towards the end of the past week as several factors improved investors’ confidence worldwide, attracting investors to emergent-market currencies, as commodities and stocks surged fueled by positive reports in Europe and Asia, shunning investors from greenback priced assets.
Last week’s end was predominantly optimistic in markets around the world, mainly with Germany and France posting signs of economic growth as PMI increased in both countries and as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke stated that the recession is easing adding to the already risk driven attitude among traders globally. The greenback suffered significant losses due to this new wave of risk appetite, since the global slump easing is reflecting in higher-yielding assets appreciation, which declines attractiveness for the relative safety of the greenback.
The forecast for this week regarding the U.S. dollar will rely mainly on reports to be released in Wednesday, when new home sales and durable good orders will be published, and mainly on Thursday, when the quarterly gross domestic product performance is due to be released together with unemployment claims, which are likely to reflect positively for the greenback if the data comes beyond expectations, mostly regarding the GDP, which is forecast to indicate a decrease in the U.S. recession figures, but still remain in the negative field.
EUR/USD ended the week traded at 1.4328. GBP/USD closed at 1.6501.

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