Canadian Dollar Strengthens on Decline Speculations

The Canadian dollar had the first session of recovery versus the greenback and several other major currencies after traders speculated that the current losing streak was not reflecting the present status of the Canadian economy, which is being one of the most resilient among wealthy nations.
Even if Bank of Canada policy makers are constantly stressing on the fact that loonie rates should go down to ensure a fast recovery for the Canadian economy, the loonie gained today after several days of negative performance, after investors interpreted BOC statements as not-so-relevant compared to fundamental data regarding the Canadian economy during the past quarter, which is indicating a solid and resilient economy. The loonie gained today versus almost all major traded currencies except the yen, which gained significantly as investors opted for safety in a day of bearish performance in equities and commodities markets.
Analysts agree that even if policy makers are affecting the loonie’s perform in the short-term, the sentiment towards the Canadian currency remains very positive, as it’s back by crude oil rates, one of the main Canadian exports to the U.S., as also on the North American national economic fundamentals, which are better than most economic regions throughout the world.
USD/CAD traded at 1.0647 as of 20:43 GMT from 1.0716 hours earlier.

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