Swiss Franc at Record High Level Against Euro

The Swiss franc performed the huge leap against the euro today and rose against the U.S. dollar on the speculation that the Swiss National Bank will stop to contain the currency’s appreciation.
In the previous month the currency was falling against the greenback and remained at approximately the same level against the euro. The SNB tried to prevent the appreciation of the frank in an attempt to contain deflation and to help the recovery of the nation’s economy. But now the economists start talking about the possible relaxation of the central bank’s control of the currency.
The experts say that the advance of the franc against the euro is quiet natural. It’s just required that the SNB wouldn’t stand in the way and let the markets do their job.
EUR/CHF dopped to about 1.4011 today as of 18:41 GMT after opening at 1.4326. USD/CHF fell to 1.1106 from the opening level of 1.1180.

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