Any Major Moves on EUR/USD Before Year’s End?

Sometimes a collective mind of Forex traders produce better forecasts than the analysts do. And since EUR/USD is the most popular currency pair nowadays, I’d like to check this hypothesis but asking the readers (you) of where do they see this pair before the end of 2010. The poll will be open until December 1st. EUR/USD is currently trading near 1.2688.

Where will EUR/USD finish 2010?

  • 1.3000-1.3499. (26%, 19 Votes)

  • Below 1.2000. (24%, 18 Votes)

  • 1.4000 or above. (18%, 13 Votes)

  • 1.2500-1.2999. (14%, 10 Votes)

  • 1.2000-1.2499. (12%, 9 Votes)

  • 1.3500-1.3999. (7%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 74

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If you have some interesting commentary in regard of the future of the EUR/USD pair until the end of 2010, please, feel free to reply using the form below.

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