Do You Read Forex Books?

When someone wants to learn something, there are basically three ways to follow — get a formal education, read books and learn from the extensive practice. There’s almost no formal education in Forex (if we don’t count various courses, seminars and webinars) so, the majority of novice traders either jump directly into the demo trading to learn everything in the field or start by reading books. Some mix of these two methods is also quite popular. In my opinion, practice is a great thing, but it’s worth little without the knowledge contained in the books about trading. The books are the result of years of research and practice of other traders. Studying them allows learning all of this knowledge without spending a lot of time rediscovering everything yourself. And what’s your stance on Forex books:

Do you read Forex books?

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If you have some questions or comments regarding the usefulness or uselessness of the Forex books, please, feel free to reply using the form below.

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