5 Forex Blogs I Recommend Reading

I’m not a big fan of lists, but when it comes to trading, it’s very important not to waste time on reading some nonsense and useless posts. That’s why I’d like to introduce a list of Forex blogs that I strongly recommend as the useful sources of daily market information, education, fundamental insights and trading philosophy:
Forex Crunch — this blog has almost everything: fundamental & technical analysis, important industry news, posts on related trading issues (e.g. binary options), etc. Although, it may seem to be lacking some depth for the enthusiastic technical traders, it’s a great currency trading resource for almost everyone else. Maintained by Yohay Elam since 2008.
fxmadness.com — a personal blog of Mike P. Kulej. While there are not so many posts there, each of them is quite well-thought and stays close to the main topic — the Forex market. Occasionally, some insights regarding the closely related markets (such as silver and gold) are offered. The focus is always on the synthesis of the fundamental data and technical charts. Exists since July 2008.
ForexLive — a live stream of the Forex market events, trading journal entries and authors’ perception of the current situation. Important macroeconomic news releases are also presented and discussed every weekday. You won’t find some fancy new MetaTrader indicator here, but you’ll definitely keep yourself up-to-date with the market info if you follow this blog. Four authors are frequent here: Jamie Coleman, Gerry Davies, Sean Lee and Anna Timone. Live since 2009.
Market Anthropology — not a standard financial trading blog. It was founded by Erik Swarts in March 2011. The biggest problem of this blog is that it rarely touches Forex topics (usually the posts are about the stock markets), but when it does, the provided ideas will certainly be original and the foundation for them will definitely surprise you.
ForexBlog.org — one of the oldest (created back in 2004) Forex trading blogs. The posts usually explore some interesting and actual problem and contain a lot of charts, historical references and other important data. If you want to get a grasp of something happening in the market right now, this blog is your destination. Adam Kritzer is the lead author here.

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