EarnForex Blog Turns 5

Today is the fifth anniversary of the EarnForex blog. The first post was written by me on May 29, 2006, using the Blogger (Blogspot) hosting. Since then, this blog has migrated to WordPress, changed its design and grew in size enormously.

  • There were 1,456 posts during these 5 years, or about 0.8 posts per day.
  • There is now 1,385 daily readers of the RSS feed.
  • 3,520 traders follow EarnForex blog on twitter.
  • The blog’s Facebook page currently has 1,609 friends.
  • I hope that the quality of my posts is going up the same way as the blog’s main stats do. After all, the main goal of this site didn’t change from 2006 — to provide help to the fellow Forex traders.

    If you have any requests or suggestions regarding what you’d to see in this blog in future, please reply using the form below.

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