RTATC2011 — Day 11 — The End

ATC2011 contest has finally ended yesterday. Now it’s time to contemplate the results. I must say, it was a big disappointment to me. I haven’t expected my expert advisor to win, but I’ve really hoped for it to end up in profit. In the end, the account balance was at $6,188.84 — down from $10,000 initial balance. I ended up on 161st place. This result is better than my 2010 and 2008 ATC finishes, but is worse than my first attempt in 2007.
The main reason for my poor results was the choppy market, mainly in EUR/AUD pair. It was going quite well during the first three weeks of the ATC, but afterwards it turned into a complete disaster with a lot of losses and a few small profits. The results were the same on my simultaneous demo forward test.

But enough with my own matters. I’d like to congratulate the winners of this year:

  • Xupypr — a trader from Russia, who managed to get his starting balance to $113,135.18. He’s used an expert advisor based on MACD indicator — it had its good times and its bad times, but ended up on a very good side. His EA is available for download. It traded on EUR/USD @ H1. You can also read an interview with this trader.
  • Tim — is a German trader, who used an expert advisor based on Zigzag analysis of trends. It got him to $84,747.97 balance on EUR/USD @ M15 chart. It’s balance curve was almost straight up, with only few drawdowns. Read an interview with Tim.
  • yyy999 — from China, took his third place with the end balance of $68,810.10. It was an extremely fast-going EA that lost a good part of its profits near the end of the championship. Could have ended on 2nd place otherwise. It worked on EUR/USD @ H1. The name of the trader is Ge Senlin and he gave an interview to MetaQuotes too.

  • If you have any questions or comments regarding the results of the ATC 2011 Forex contest, please feel free to reply using the form below.

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